Q: I want a button for mom and dad, do I pay 2 fees?

A: No, just an additional $5.00 per month.

Q: When its no longer needed What happens?

A: Just mail back the base unit and buttons.

Q: How do emergency personnel get access to my home?

A: Your contacts should have keys or should you have a key already somewhere on the property
you tell us so that info can be given to EMT’s , also there are lockboxs that can be purchased and
you just tell us the code to give to EMT’s.

Q: If I move what happens?

A: You can take the equipment with you and hookup at new address, you just need to contact us
beforehand so we can update the central station.

Q: How do I change my information of contacts?

A: Call us with the changes.

Q: What happens when I lose power?

A: The base unit has a backup battery that will kick on and then when power returns it will
recharge the battery.

Q: What if pressed by mistake?

A: You simply tell the operator at the central station it was hit by mistake.

Q: ls there someone there 24 hours a day?

A: Yes, the central station has operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Do I need a landline?

A: Yes, the base unit connects to your phone jack and an electrical outlet.

Q: What is the average response time?

A: Average time is 30-40 seconds, the unit calls an 800 number to the central station.

Q: How far away does it work?

A: The button works 200-400 feet.

Q: Can the button get wet?

A: Yes, it is waterproof.

Q: Is there a contract I have to sign?

A: No.