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With A1 Alert Medical Alarms, all medical needs and assistance are at the push of a button. Our A1 Alert operators are always there to respond and have help sent your way. Medical Alarms give elders whether in nursing homes, elderly agencies, or those living by themselves, the indepence and safety they need.

A1 Alert has been providing our customers with Medical Alarms for the past 16 years. Rest assured that with A1 Alert Medical Alarms, any time or day of the week, we are just one call away.

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About A1 Alert Medical Alarms
Thank you for looking into A 1 Alert for your Personal Emergency Button. We are a local company in Massachusetts. We have been providing medical emergency buttons to seniors for the past 16 years serving the New England area and even some snowbirds who fly south for the winter months and take their system with them so they can get help in Florida during a medical emergency there. We have been working with elderly agencies, vna agencies, physical therapists, social workers, nursing homes and council on aging to help keep elders living independently in their homes as long as possible keeping them safe and protected with our systems.

Our system provides peace of mind to our clients’ family and loved ones. Knowing that help is just a push of a button, someone speaks to them over the console and then sends help (El\/lT’s). Even if the elder is not able to respond to the operator, help will still be sent. The contact list also receives a call to notify them of the situation at the residence.

All our units are simple to install. Just plugging it into a phone jack and electrical outlet is all it requires and will be ready to use. They are all 2-way communication so the elder can speak to the operators to let them know what is going on at the home. The central station is UL Listed and FM Certified with operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.