Advanced – PERS-3600B

Advanced – PERS-3600B

$27.00 / month

Supervised emergency reporting system receiver/control, built-in two-way voice module, monitors up to 16 transmitters, can be manually activated, activity timer, reminder message options, point-ID reporting allows multiple users.


The PERS-3600B offers additional capabilities as the hub of a wireless personal emergency reporting system, and can be used with the same suite of DX and DXS wireless personal transmitters and accessories as the PERS-2400B system. The table-top Console features a built-in speakerphone and digital communicator for reporting and 2-way voice communication with the Central Monitoring Station. Advanced, full-duplex speakerphone circuitry provides superior 2-way voice communication throughout the home.

All features of the PERS-2400B with built-in, 2-way voice capability, plus:

  • Remote call-in feature for speakerphone operation
  • Up to 8 user-programmable reminder messages
  • (Optional) Central Station reporting for message reminder and/or medication compliance
  • System “trouble” reports reported daily to central station
  • Enhanced system auto test reporting for personal/other transmitters (1, 7 or 30 day schedule options)
  • Phone line and power annunciations for trouble conditions (turn on/off)
  • Rear-panel access to telephone line connections and power switch
  • Backup battery size: 12 volts, 1.2 amp/hour (30-hour backup)
  • 9” W x 5” H x 5.5” D


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